The main purpose of the Federation of Turkish American Associations is to enable Turkish Associations established in various regions and cities within the United States of America to work under the umbrella of a Federation. For this purpose, the Federation carries out the following works and aims to realize them:

  • It establishes a sense of unity and togetherness by providing coordination among Turkish Associations established within the United States of America.
  • Through these associations, it stimulates the cooperation between Turks in America and Turks who settled in America from various parts of the world and members of the society who consider themselves Turkish.
  • It works to promote and represent Turkishness and Turkish Culture. It becomes the promoter of conferences, national and religious days and social meetings organized by the associations gathered for this purpose. It provides coordination between associations in these matters.
  • It strives to ensure the continuation and further spread of Turkish customs and traditions.
  • It supports the acquisition of a TURKISH CULTURE CENTER that will gather all member associations and serve the activities of these associations and the studies on this subject.
  • It tries to strengthen and organize the Turkish society in America and to protect its rights within the framework of the law.

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